ERISA Insurance Appeals

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The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) usually governs most long-term disability claims that are filed under a group policy obtained by your employer. When ERISA applies, you have a full range of legal rights that should be vigorously pursued in order to maximize the chances of you will get paid. On the other hand, there are many hidden dangers in ERISA that a disabled claimant must be prepared for and protected against. Schwartz Law has decades of collective experience filing, appealing, managing and litigating ERISA disability claims. When you need an ERISA long term disability lawyer, you need the attorneys of Schwartz Law. Our attorneys are the nation’s most knowledgeable and experienced in  ERISA disability law — in fact, we have personally established much of the precedent that governs ERISA long term disability claims. You’re far more likely to succeed in your ERISA disability claim if you have the nation’s top disability insurance lawyers in your corner. Give your ERISA claim the legal backing it requires. Hire Schwartz Law.

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An ERISA appeal is a complex and multifaceted set of materials that must be compiled, written, and submitted in order to maximize the chances of success on a long term disability insurance claim. Most people do not know that if an ERISA appeal is not successful and a lawsuit is necessary, a federal court may not be able to review any other materials other than the insurance company’s claim file and the contents of your ERISA appeal. Don’t take the risk of your ERISA appeal being denied. You need an ERISA disability attorney who has handled thousands of ERISA claims and appeals. Schwartz Law is the nation’s foremost disability insurance firm. We have the most experience and the longest track record of success handling ERISA appeals. We know how to form your appeal so you’ll have the best chance of success if your appeal must ultimately end in a lawsuit. An ERISA disability insurance lawyer (like those at Schwartz Law) ensures  that your appeal takes into account all of the medical information, vocational information, medical records, statements of witnesses and all other legal arguments and issues that make a difference in the results we obtain. In addition, these materials and legal arguments are preserved for future consideration by a court, if a lawsuit is ultimately necessary. Our success rate on ERISA appeals is unparalleled, because we pour our vast knowledge experience into a concerted effort to get you paid at the ERISA appeal stage, to avoid future litigation for the client. If your ERISA appeal must end in a lawsuit, we will fight to win you the biggest possible settlement.

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If your ERISA disability claim has been denied or terminated, contact Schwartz Law today. Our experienced ERISA disability attorneys will review the details of your case and advise you how you should proceed. Every case is different; we evaluate the merits of each case on an individual basis. For more information on how we can help you, contact us for an initial evaluation. An ERISA long term disability insurance attorney is exactly the same thing as an ERISA lawyer, and Schwartz Law is known as a national leader under either name. Call us today at 1-800-745-1755, or fill out our online contact form to get help with your ERISA disability claim, appeal or lawsuit.